Friday, May 22, 2009

Cub Scout Cross-Over

Last night was Cub Scout cross-over night. What this means is that Tucker and his Tiger den moved up to the next rank which is Wolves!

Here Tucker receives his last awards as a Tiger, including his Tiger Cub patch.

They had all the parents come up with the boys; here is Tucker waiting for his turn.

When it was Tucker's turn he went to the middle of the bridge, Michael took off the orange kerchief and tied on his new gold kerchief.

A nice family picture
(A special thanks to Mrs. Driscoll for taking these two pictures for us-or as Tucker knows her: "the milk lady")

Then Tucker crossed over to the other side of the bridge. At the end, all the boys were on one side and the parents were on the other, "symbolizing that they are growing up", per The Pack Master, and most importantly that we no longer have to stay at their meetings-we can now perform the "drop and run"! (and if you guessed that I teared up a little bit, you know me very well!)


Mari said...

I would have been teary too. It sounds like a nice ceremony and Tucker looks so cute in the uniform.

Julie said...

Congratulations Tucker!

Jona said...

i love the first pic at the right topmost side of this blog. looks sweet.
kids really get big fast like we can't stop it.