Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Celebrating Mother's Day and Doreen's' Birthday

We celebrated Mother's Day and my sister-in-law Doreen's birthday on Sunday. It has been a busy week and now I think I have a sinus infection but I want to finally get this posted! (note to no-family readers-this is how we share pictures in our family so there are a few of my sister-in-law's b-day!)

Cassandra surprised her mom with a special sketch by the cousin of a friend of hers. It's Cassandra at age 1 and then recently. I should have taken a closer picture-it's really amazing; especially when you know the artist is 13!!

You may have noticed our new pictures in the sidebar, We had new family pictures done for our moms' gifts. (The last time we had a family picture done was when Tucker was a little over a year old!) They really liked them! Hmmm...This seems to be the only picture I have of opening the mother's day gifts; must have been busy!

Now onto Doreen's birthday: Doreen cutting her cake

A new pocketbook from my mother-in-law (her mother)

Twilight DVD from her daughter

A gift card from us

Tucker helps her read the card

A new shirt that for some reason Tucker insisted on smelling!

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Julie said...

I noticed your pictures on the side bar. I like them! Did you read Twilight yet? That picture of Cassandra is amazing!!