Monday, October 6, 2008

Sleep-Over and Celebrating Birthdays

We had a busy weekend...we had the soccer game on Saturday (which we won 7-1; they were awesome! My camera battery needed to be charged so I didn't take pictures...if it doesn't rain this weekend, I'll take some pictures.

Tucker's friend William came over Saturday afternoon and spent the night. He is such a sweet little boy and they had a wonderful time! We went out to pizza for dinner and they were pretty busy the rest of the time:
Digging in the Construction Site

Playing Video Games

Eating Ice Cream

Playing Cards (War)


Practicing Good Oral Hygiene

On Sunday (after William left), we celebrated my mother-in-law and niece's birthdays. (I'll post Cassandra's picture on her birthday on Friday). Here are some pictures of Eileen and Cassandra opening their gifts and some cute pictures of Cassandra and Tucker. (You can also see that Tucker lost his other front tooth this week! The nice tooth fairy left a $1). I didn't get any pictures of it but we had the best time paying Uno Attack, which Cassandra got from her mom. It was really a lot of fun!!!

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Julie said...

I laughed at the practicing good oral hygiene part.