Friday, October 17, 2008

Job Interview and Lunch with Tucker

Today I had a job interview at another home care agency that's looking for a per diem. I think it went really well. The other social worker is actually the same lady I worked with before I became full-time (In English, please...when I worked per diem for CT VNA, SE, she was the full-time social worker and I was the per diem. when she left I became full-time). Apparently, that may happen again as she is looking toward possible retirement but in the meantime, they are looking for someone to fill-in when there is an overflow of cases and/or she is on vacation.

I'll be starting at the Ledyard Senior Center on Nov 6th. I'll be there the first Thursday of every month from 9-12 to provide assistance with programs, help find services, etc. I did have 4 patients with them but as always in home care, it fluctuates: I discharged a lady this week and one went in the hospital and is going to a nursing home. So now I'm done to 2 cases. Hopefully it will pick up a little; I do like to keep busy.

My other event of the day was I went to lunch with Tucker at school! Friday is pizza day (the only day he gets hot lunch) so I joined him. It's all very structured and announced through a megaphone of all things which is kind of strange but I guess they think it's the only way to manage the kids. It actually wasn't that loud where we were but the 4th and 5th graders are loud. They certainly do move them right along!! But it was fun to sit with him and Chase (a friend from t-ball who is in his class). The pizza was actually half-way decent and we even had an ice cream dessert...yum!

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