Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've been kinda out-of-sorts this week, with the anniversary of my dad's death probably adding to it. The only word I can come up with is senseless.

I'm referring of course to the horrible killings of Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother which were so terrible but then they announced that they found her 7 year old nephew shot. Why? How does any of this make sense? Maybe I'm relating more because Tucker is around that age, maybe I'm just relating as a human being, either way, I feel pretty crummy inside.

I'm also feeling bad about the reporter, Anne Pressly, who was beaten so badly and died over the weekend. More so than ever it seems that the news is just bad. I was saying to my mom today that I wonder why I even watch it at night before going to bed because it's just all bad.

Probably the most heart sickening is the story of a CT boy, 8 years old, who went to a Gun Show with his dad over the weekend and shot himself with an Uzi. Apparently at Gun Shows in Massachusetts, children are allowed to shoot guns with their parent's permission and his dad, a doctor, who is the emergency room director at one of the local hospitals, felt that an Uzi was a "smaller weapon with less recoil". Uhh, hello? UZI?! That's why they are used in battlefields, birdbrain! He was reaching for his camera when his son fired the gun, the recoil of which caused the shot to go into the boy's head. It's horrible and awful and I cannot imagine having to live with the knowledge that he gave his son permission to fire that gun.

I'm not really sure how to end this post...I just needed to get these thoughts down.


crispy said...

Birdbrain is right...

Julie said...

I hate that senseless feeling too that is why I much prefer watching King of Queens before I go to sleep instead of the news!