Monday, October 20, 2008

Corn Maze and Haunted Hayride

I was going to post this last night but it was taking too long to load the pictures. By the time I read to Tucker and got him to bed, I didn't have the energy to come back down. Ended up watching dancing with the stars and Samantha Who?

On our way home from picking up Tucker from my mom's on Sunday, we stopped at a Corn Maze. (My mom actually took Tucker to the same one last year). We wandered around the pumpkins, got our tickets and headed into the maze. We were supposed to find 15 numbered mailboxes and punch the little card as we found them. We started out trying to go in order but halfway through, we were so turned around that we just punched the number of whatever one we found! We spent almost two hours in there and still never found #12! (We weren't the only ones who couldn't find that one, though!) It turned out to be a really fun time and I think we will go back to this maze next year. Some more pictures:
Off to find mailboxes

Finding the mailboxes and punching the card

Still looking for more mailboxes

A new strategy (if you look closely, you'll see Tucker is on Mike's shoulders

After dinner, we headed out for a Haunted Hayride! (We went to the "early" one for "the young and weak at heart"). One of the firehouses in town sponsored it along with the Drama Club from a local high school. Tucker's friends Chase was there handing out tickets (his dad is an EMT for that fire department) and his mom asked if he could ride with us. It was actually his 3rd time going! It was a really great ride, with all kinds of creatures jumping out of the woods at us and two even chased us with chainsaws! We liked it so much we're planning to go back this Sunday after Cub Scouts!


crispy said...

The mailbox idea is cool. Kind of like letterboxing.

cindy said...

That's what we thought too!