Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mystic Pizza Turns 20 today!

Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Mystic Pizza, the movie that is said to have launched Julia Robert's movie career. (She did go on to win an award for Steel Magnolias the following year). Because it was filmed here in southeastern Connecticut. it's a pretty big deal and our local paper had a huge write-up on it over the weekend. A couple of things I didn't know: Vincent D'Onofrio played the groom who wanted to wait until after he gets married to Liv Taylor's character and Matt Damon had his screen debut as the younger brother of Charlie, Julia Robers' rich boyfriend. One of my friends' house was the house they used for Julia's home in the movie so that's pretty neat! It's also fun to watch the movie and see all the local places. I tried to rent it at the library yesterday but I guess everyone else must have had the same idea! I do want to watch it again! (And someday I plan to actually eat at Mystic Pizza!)

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Julie said...

We've eaten there, it's good! My father's cousin Marie and her husband were extras in the movie-- in the church in the beginning and dancing at the wedding in the end.