Monday, October 6, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Monday, October 6

Outside my window...the sun finally came out but it feels more like November than early October. It's also pretty breezy.

I am thinking...I need to put the propane on, my hands are freezing. (Okay I just did, much better!)

I am thankful...for the laughter of my son and the ongoing support from my family.

From the kitchen...Trying a new crock pot recipe from Diary of a Stay-A-Home Mom's blog: Parmesan Chicken & Rice. It sounded really yummy and I can usually do pretty good with the crock pot because I don't have to have anything to do with the food directly.

I am wearing...a long-sleeve black shirt and gray sweatpants.

I am reading...Just started Anne of the Island. Also read The Sandcastle by Rita Mae Brown and finished Cypress Point by Diane Chamberlain. Didn't start a Magic Tree House book yet but hoping to this week. Tucker reads a book to us from Reading Lab every night and then one of us reads two books to him, still on the fall theme. I also picked up some books about the Titanic and the biography of Molly Brown (we watched Titanic over the weekend).

I am hoping...I can sew the patches on Tucker's Cub Scout shirt in a half-way decent manner.

I am creating...still working on the Christmas presents!

I am neighbor working on his roof. The fish tanks gurgling. The life story of Renee Zellwegar (sp?) on E! The dryer.

Around the house...the dishes need to be done, laundry being washed. The battlefield is still set up down here in the family room, also assorted other toys are out (Tucker had a friend over Sat night and I haven't straightened out).

A few plans for the week...a couple of home visits Wed and Thurs...speaking at a senior center with one of the nurses Wed...getting my hair cut practice Thurs, game on Sat...hoping to volunteer some hours at Tucker's school library...out to dinner on Fri for our 10 year anniversary...a birthday party for Tucker's friend Javen at an indoor mini-golf place Sat night...maybe a Fall Festival on Sat if it's nice...celebrating my uncle's birthday at his house on Sun.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Okay so there are two thoughts today! These are the trees by Tucker's playground. Though technically our area's leaves are not supposed to be at "peak" until mid-October (according to the weathermen), some of the trees are already looking really pretty! Unfortunately, it's also been windy so the leaves are coming down fast!

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