Monday, July 28, 2008

The Way It Went, It Went Well

Okay, I'm going to try this again tonight! We had some weird message-thing popping up last night which totally messed up anything I was attempting to do! Michael has hopefully fixed it...I also went upstairs with Tucker to put him to bed and fell asleep with him!!

The title of this post was inspired by one of my patients who said it and I just liked it. Apparently her father used to say it all the time. It definitely sums up the week, which forgive me, I am behind in blogging! I'm trying not to stress myself out with this whole blogging-thing but I just don't always get the opportunity to sit and blog every day! (or even every other day!) So once again this week, we will play "catch-up"!!!
First, as promised, I have part II of the Banzai waterslide pictures:

Last Thursday, Michael picked up Tucker from summer school and then picked up his friend William. William is another friend from daycare but was also in Tucker's kindergarten class this year. They went out for lunch and then spent the day at Kid City in Middletown. Which if you haven't been or don't know about it and you have kids, you definitely need to go! They renovated two old houses into this great place that includes a pirate ship, a diner, a post office, a "theater" (where they can dress-up and put on shows, and watch themselves on TV), an apple field, an igloo, etc. etc. Tucker loves it and since we belong to the Children's Museum here in Niantic, we get in FREE to other children's museums so we don't mind going often! For those of you with young kids, like under 3, they have a great play area for them, too! It's all decorated like under-the sea. Here's some pictures of Tucker and William:

After dropping William off at home, Michael and Tucker came to pick me up at work so I could go with them to bring Tucker to my mom's. (Angela, our daycare lady, had taken Thurs and Fri off; Michael watched him Thursday on his day off and my mom was going to watch him Friday). So we brought him to Gra and I would be picking him up on Saturday morning. As usual, they had a great time, I'm told, going to my mom's work and talking with all the ladies. Tucker was apparently impressed with the amount of paper on her desk: "She has more paper than in the history of the world" is what he told me. They also went to the bank where Gra has opened a savings account for him; she gives him a few dollars to deposit and he's so proud to show off the savings book!

Since my mom had Tucker it was the perfect opportunity to get together with Betty and Charlotte, 2 ladies I worked with in Mystic (I've now been gone from there 5 1/2 years). We get together 4 times a year and go out to dinner and the Christmas Tree Shop--well technically 3 times a year because in December we plan it around the Luminaries at Mystic Shopping Village. So anyway, we've been getting together these past 5 1/2 years and for about a year or so before I left that job. It's a lot of fun to catch up with them and just get out for the evening!

Saturday I went and picked up Tucker at my mom's, floated around the pool for about a hour or so (mandatory in this heat!) and then to McDonald's for lunch. Of course it had to be the one with the play area! From there we headed to the mall for a couple of hours. First because it was COOL there and second, because I still need to find a dress AND shoes to wear to the wedding we're going to on August 9th. Other than being really good at procastinating, I'm not sure why I have waited so long. I think I was hoping to lose 20 lbs before I had to try on dresses, which of course, didn't happen. I also think I work well under pressure. I also don't want to spend a lot on a dress that I may not wear again but then again, desperation may set in at this point.

On Sunday, Tucker woke up at 7:30 (yeah, sleep-in time for Mommy and Daddy!) ready to paint. He had found an egg carton in his craft stuff Saturday night and must have been dreaming about it because that's what he wanted to paint and he even knew what colors he wanted to use: blue, red, purple, and black. So I set him up and crawled back into bed for a few more minutes. After grocery shopping and lunch we headed out to Buttonwood Farm in Griswold for their annual Sunflower Festival. When we left our house it was sprinkling and on our way to Griswold, about a thirty minute drive, over by Foxwoods, we went through a complete thunderstorm, with blinding rain, thunder and lightning. It had slowed down when we got there and we got ice cream to enjoy while we waited for them to start the tractor rides. They have this festival every year to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation and they have FIELDS of Sunflowers that they sell for $10/bouquet. This is the field across the street from the ice cream stand

I apparently REALLY enjoyed my ice cream because I had it all over the front of my shirt and when I went to the car to get the hand sanitizer to wash it off my hands, I noticed the streaks of it on my legs! Tucker and I also wandered one of the sunflower fields where I took this next picture (he really is happy to be there-he was just not in a picture-kind-of-mood, I guess!)

Finally they decided to start the tractor rides, even though it was sprinkling a little. The guy driving the tractor held an umbrella as he drove. He took us up in the back fields where we saw some cows and the new calves. The cows thought our wagon was a buffet, though:

The cows were all pushing each other to get at this particular back corner of the wagon!

Eventually we came out into the field of sunflowers and it was kind of surreal--they were so beautiful!! Tucker wouldn't cooperate so I had to settle for just the sunflowers! Lastly we went across the street into the field in the first picture. Only after we walked up the hill, across the back of the sunflowers and back down, did Michael see the sign that said: "Please Do Not Enter This Field. Thank you."
OOPS!! Oh well we had fun and will definitely go back for more ice cream, their fall hayrides, and the sunflowers next year! Some more pictures to enjoy:

So that pretty much sums up the past week! A preview of upcoming events include going to see "Mama Mia" with my mom Thursday, getting Michael's new truck hopefully by the end of the week (I'll explain when we get it), and my mom's pool party for her co-workers (and grandchildren-no husbands!) Friday night.


crispy said...

The sunflower pictures are great. Just beautiful.

Julie said...

Hey! Crispy is my friend in Florida:)!! She's gotten me hooked on wanting to mill our own wheat! (Crispy, if you're checking back, Cindy is my friend from forever...we knew each other in Kindergarten and first grade, then met again sophomore year in high school and have been friends ever since (she was my maid of honor and I was her matron of honor!)

I love the sunflowers too!