Monday, July 14, 2008

Watch Children

While at the Flea Market yesterday, someone had road signs for sale (I'm sure obtained legally?!) and I saw a cute one that said "Watch Children" I asked Tucker what he thought and he said "I don't want a child watching me!" Tucker did manage to score a pretty nice GI Joe box (like a small locker) FILLED with Army men (and a stray dinosaur and scuba driver).

A special thank you to Gra Doyle who came down early this morning to take Tucker to summer school because Michael had to work at 8 AM (normally she would pick him up at 11:30 (Tucker, that is) or be at the house then for Michael to be at work by noon). The report from school today was that his teacher said he (again Tucker)was a "very good boy" and a "good artist". Cassandra also came down and they had a good time playing Nerf darts, among other things, I'm told.

I'm not even sure that last paragraph makes sense but I don't have the energy to correct it.


Julie said...

Jake is on the lookout for army men for his Toy Story kick, he has Buzz, Woody, a piggy bank for Ham, tons of Potato Heads, but no army men!

cindy said...

Try the dollar stores...they sometimes have bags of them. We've also seen them in Walmart.