Monday, July 21, 2008

Tucker and Andrew

Andrew did come over yesterday and they had a GREAT time! Tucker and Andrew have been going to Angela's day care for the past 4 years. Tucker started going there when he was 8 weeks old; Andrew came 2 years later at age 3 months. So until this year when Tucker went to kindergarten, they have spent a lot of time together. Andrew is home for the summer with his mommy and new baby sister Emily (Tracy is a fourth grade teacher at Tucker's school). So back to their day together...they had fun playing army, using the Thomas train table, and climbing up on Tucker's bed

They went on the water slide maybe twice. Even though it was only 10 in the morning, it was really HOT, maybe even too hot for the water slide! They especially enjoyed playing in the construction site

The time went by really fast and we're making plans to go Andrew's grandfather's house to swim in August! It was so great to watch them play together; they have always gotten along really well. We're hoping to keep the friendship going....

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