Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Parade

Okay so I'm a day behind getting to this post...

We went to the Columbia parade this year versus the Boom Box Parade in Willimantic. We decided we needed a change of pace from the political organizations. It was a great parade complete with firetrucks...

This Columbia one was only the first of many. they came from Lebanon, Mansfield, North Windham and South Windham, Windham Center, Scotland, North Coventry, and Bolton. (These are the ones I can remember!) Of course they were ALL ready to aim their hoses at the crowds, particularly anyone with squirtguns (there was 1 group of 4 kids across from us that couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 not to mention the group of teenage guys who went by with literally an arsenal of squirt guns!!) At least the umbrellas we all had did come in handy! When we got there it was sprinkling pretty steadily if that makes any sense and at one point the sun did try to come out.

There were a lot of interesting groups--motorcycles, the shriners in their little cars, clowns (I think they were another group of Shriners), 2 fife and drum corps (both complete with rifle shooting-the first all at once and the second one at a time which was actually a lot cooler!) There were even two different bagpipers groups!

Before the parade even started ( we got there at 8:30 to find parking for the 10 am parade), Michael and I walked with Tucker to the playground at Porter (where I went; it was and still is K-8 but it has tripled in size). In fact what I remember as the playground is where the addition of the building went in a number of years ago and there's also a baseball diamond and soccer field. (for at least two of you who may be reading this, the stone wall and tree line is gone, they extended back into the field that was there. Also the "junior high wing" is not as prominent. The trees are all gone on the side and there's a path leading to the track and around to the front. Also for the two of you, I went onto the Porter website and Mrs. Campbell is still teaching 2nd grade, and Mrs. Bouchain (I think she was Zaglio for you, Jenn) is still there and is back to Ms. Zaglio. Anyway it was kind of surreal to see how much everything had changed; you know how you picture things from the past and then you go back and it looks nothing like you remember because they changed everything!?

So the parade was great and we will be going back again next year, though probably not as early! We then went to my mom's for a picnic and to celebrate her birthday (it's actually June 28th). The sun never really came out but at least it didn't rain so Tucker, our niece Cassandra and her boyfriend Eric spent a lot of time in the pool and we even got a few games of croquet in!

Doreen gave us some sparklers but because I was the only one still AWAKE at 8:30 when it got dark, I didn't think it would be much fun by myself. So that was our fun day...what was your day like?

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Julie said...

Glad you had fun, but I was wishing you'd gone to the boom box parade.