Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beginning swimming and ending tee-ball

Tonight was a busy night!!! Tucker had his first swimming lesson of the summer and he did pretty good! He's so excited to get back in the pool. He is heading to Gra Tucker's tomorrow night (our daycare is off on Thursday; he'll stay over until the 4th) and besides the expected pizza for dinner, is looking forward to going in the pool.

From swimming lessons, we sped across town to our tee-ball pizza party. We went to the picnic area in town. We split the cost of pizzas with the other coach and had 2 pizzas too much! But the kids had a good time running around and were thrilled with their trophies and certificates! The kids all signed a baseball for Michael and the other coach which was so nice!!! Most of them will play soccer in the fall and also move up to the minor leagues next spring. They are a really great group of kids so the season ending is bittersweet! Michael enjoyed his first season coaching and I my first experience as the "Team Mom" but also at the same time glad the season is over!

I'm still having trouble getting this available on the web...hopefully it will be soon!!!

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