Tuesday, July 22, 2008

17 years

Today is the 17th anniversary of me and Michael's first date. Well, technically our second first date...the first was in June of '89 when we actually met at A & P. At that time, I had just broken up with a long-term boyfriend and not ready for any type of a relationship. We were friends that very first summer, spending a lot of time hanging out at my parents' and going to the movies.

So back to this anniversary, I had come back to A & P to work for the summer and we started going out. I think we both knew from the beginning that this was a special relationship. Five years later, he would propose to me on this date and we would marry 2 years later (Our 10 year anniversary is coming up in October). It's funny about the word "anniversary": when you're dating someone, you keep track of each month, year, but then you get married and it seems to start all over again, particularly when you've dated as long as we have. It's probably why I always have to say "but we've been together 17 years" when someone asks how long we've been married. (The same way I have to explain that Tucker's name is my maiden name; I can't help myself!)

So here's a little blast from the past that I found while going through some pictures

Aren't we cute?!

I love you, sweetie!!!

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Julie said...

Love it! When I read this I was truly thinking it was 17 years since your first first date, not the second one! Where has the time gone??!!