Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shelf Discovery Challenge: Book Report: Island of the Blue Dolphins

I remember my sixth grade teacher, Mr Wallace, reading this to us. I have been wanting to re-read it for many years and so was inspired by this challenge to finally do it!

I'm glad I did...I didn't remember the exact story though I remembered the general idea so was surprised by a lot of the descriptive scenes of battles and the number of losses that Karana experienced while on the island.

This is the story of a young Indian girl and her tribe who live on an island in the Pacific. After a horrific battle, most of her tribe is killed and the survivors leave to find a new island. She is left behind and waits year after year for them to return. I was impressed by her determination and perseverance to go on despite the losses she endures. I was also impressed by her survival skills and proving to herself that she could do the things she didn't think she could. I also didn't realize that the book is based on a real-life young woman who is left on an island by her tribe, although the circumstances how are not clear which I find fascinating!


Julie P. said...

I have this book on my shelves too. I'm not sure if I remember reading it as kid or not! Thanks for the great review!

Julie said...

That's Madi's next bookclub book. I started reading it a few years ago and couldn't get into it, but everyone who reads it loves it, so we'll see.