Monday, December 7, 2009

My Daybook

For Today, Monday, December, 7, 2009

On My Mind
...can't believe Christmas is in 23 days!!

Outside My window's dark, of course...still some remaining snow, we only got about an inch over the weekend.

What We're Reading...finished Harriet the Spy and almost done with Love Story...We continue to read every night with Tucker and just finished James and the Giant Peach. Tonight we read Caught Off-Guard: The Attack on Pearl Harbor.

What We're Listening to...finished Shanghai Girls and now listening to The Bonesetter's Daughter.

What We're Watching...The Amazing Race is over and I'm happy Meghan and Cheyne won, as long as it wasn't the brothers!!...Still haven't decided who I like on Survivor...we've been watching all the Christmas shows and loving them! Tonight we watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

I am finish the Christmas shopping this weekend and get the Christmas cards ordered.

Quotable Quote...The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event ~ J.B. Priestly

In the Kitchen...chicken in the crockpot, ham steaks, chicken brushetta.

Around the House...Michael put up the Christmas lights outside...laundry needs to be folded and more to be washed (as usual)...actually pretty clean over all.

Coming Up This Week
...follow-up with Tucker's teacher after-school practice Wed night...Cub Scout Pack meeting Thurs night...dinner and luminaries at Mystic Shopping Village with my friends Betty and Charlotte Fri night...Tucker's sleeping over my mom's Fri and Sat...Christmas party for work Sat night...getting the tree game Sun.

Some Picture Thoughts...
Tucker made this pseudo-Chia pet as a science project in school. Michael helps him water it every morning. We've named him Bob.

We had our first snow Saturday night....


Julie said...

I like Bob!

Interestingly, as soon as I said that I thought of..."do you like horses?"

Cindy said...

And also "I know where you live"! I wonder whatever happened to him!

Julie said...

Ozobay's cousin's cousin.

It's dangerous to have such a good memory!