Saturday, December 26, 2009

Catching Up...

Before I post the pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas, I wanted to catch everyone up on all our fun activities!

Last year we got together with Tucker's friend Andrew to decorate gingerbread houses. They had such a good time so we got together last Saturday to do it again! (It also gives them some time to play together outside of their daycare!)

Last year Andrew's sister Emily slept through all the decorating but this year she was right in the middle of it all (she'll be 2 in March)

oops-forgot to turn this one! I think they ate more candy than they decorated with but isn't that what it's all about!

Posing with their finished houses

We got hit with a huge snowstorm last Sunday (for our area anyway!) We got at least 2 feet of snow!

Michael shovelled out to his truck

The snow on Michael's truck!

Tucker's friend William had spent the night so of course, they went out to check out the snow! It was almost up to their hips!

...and they're down!

The snow was high on our grill and deck!!

In between playing in the snow, Tucker and William decided they wanted to make cookies. They used the kit Julie and her family gave us Christmas (thanks! :)) and had fun rolling out the dough and decorating the cookies!

Tucker's second grade class put on a Christmas play called "The Littlest Reindeer". Tucker was in the chorus! All of the kids did a really good job and I really impressed with the two boyswho were the leads; they learned a lot of lines!

Here's a picture of the stage

Tucker singing in the chorus

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Mari said...

The gingerbread houses are cute!
What a lot of snow you got. Glad I didn't have to shovel!