Saturday, December 26, 2009

Children's Classics Mystery Challenge

For the next six months, from January to June 2010, 5 Minutes for Books is substituting their regular Children's Classics carnival (which typically takes place on the second Tuesday of the month) with Children's Classics Mystery Challenge.

All that is asked is that you write up an initial post saying that you and/or your children are going to be participating in this challenge and link back to this introductory post!

Then, on the second Tuesday of each month there will be a post where you can link up any and all reviews you have written in the previous month. For example, on January 12 you can link up your introductory post or any reviews you've completed, so feel free to start reading now. Books, movies, audio, and even video games (oh yes!) reviews may be included and are most welcome.

I'm thinking Nancy Drew, Nancy Drew, and more Nancy Drew! (I just found my box of Nancy Drew books in my mother's attic!) I'd also like to introduce my son, Tucker, to Encyclopedia Brown!

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