Saturday, November 14, 2009

Update on My Back...

I thought I'd let everyone know that I am feeling better.

I continued seeing my chiropractor the rest of the week and saw my MD on Thursday (in case he needed to write me a note for Friday, which he did). He also took me off the Percocet and Valium (!!) that the ER had put me on and just has me taking the Ibuprofen 3x/day and Flexiril, also 3x/day. The Flexiril is too strong for me and makes me very foggy so I've been managing with just ice and the Ibuprofen and taking the Flexiril at night. It doesn't have the effect the Percocet had (which was basically drop-to-my-knees or the Valium so I feel more comfortable taking it; I was really scared to take the Valium!) I did sleep until 10 on Friday which I haven't done in years!!! I think my body just needed to "sleep off" all the meds I've had this week!!!

I didn't go to Battleship Cove today with Tucker and Michael. I just felt it was too big of a risk to take. Michael called and they are having fun, running in all the puddles on the battleship!

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Mari said...

I'm glad you are doing better. Sorry you are missing the outing, but I think you were smart to just rest.