Thursday, November 19, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conference

Michael and I met today with Tucker's teacher and got basically a good report. He is doing well in spelling (he gets 100s on his tests plus the five bonus words every week) and he is the best reader in his class at 107 words a minute! This is the same little boy who barely knew letters going into 1st grade and definitely couldn't read! However, when it comes to his classroom work, he tends to rush and has this need to be first (this is not the first time we have heard this nor do we deny it). This need of his to be first results in not only messy work but also answering questions wrong when he really does know the correct answer. Mrs Holmes feels that he shows a lot of "potential" to do better and would really like to see him slow down, take his time, and feels he will do better and feel better because he won;t have to keep correcting things he would have done correctly the first time if he hadn't rushed. We wholeheartedly agree with all of this and obviously want to see him do his best. the plan is to meet with him and his teacher after Thanksgiving break and discuss everything. She is thinking of working out a reward system of some kind involving the token system the school uses. I'm thinking this would be beneficial to him. She also would like to refer him to the Enrichment program (what used to be called Gifted) and feels it would be something really good for him, particularly as he gets into 4th and 5th grade when he would be able to go over to the middle school to take classes. However, she can't at this time because he really doesn't have the work to show that he should be in it. We are really proud of how well he's done/doing but also know he is capable of doing a lot more.


Mari said...

Hooray for Tucker!

Julie said...

A great report! When Tucker learns to slow down and take his time, he'll need to teach me!! I know all about rushing through things!