Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Trip to the Emergency Room

I have had chronic lower back problems for years and having been seeing a chiropractor for treatment. Monday night I picked up a laundry basket and felt something pull in my lower back and immediately my back went into spasms. I put ice on it, took some Motrin, and tried to relax.

I stayed home on yesterday and went to my chiropractor. By this point it was all I could do to stand without dropping to my knees. I again spent the afternoon lying down or sitting on the dining room chair-the couches are too low and hard to get up from.

By 5:30, as I was making grilled cheese and soup, I honestly couldn't take the pain anymore. I could barely stand and my back was in constant spasm. I called my mom who came to watch Tucker (I didn't want to worry about keeping him entertained for however long we might be there or expose him to anything anyone there might have.)

We got to hospital around 7 and spent a good 45 minutes waiting to be seen. I ended up standing the whole time because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stand up and also the spasms are worse when I go from standing to sitting. when I was getting undressed, Michael noticed some bruising on my back, more mid-back, not really near the area that hurts. So after the PA examined me, I mentioned the bruises to her and she looked at them, then said she wanted to talk with the doctor. She came back in and immediately asked Michael"who did you say you were and what's your relationship" of course, he stuttered a little because of the way she asked. She then asked if I was sure I hadn't fallen. Which of course I knew I hadn't. then they wanted to take me to x-ray. well sitting up was not going to be easy not to mention walking and then getting on the table for the x-ray. so the lady came to bring me over to x-ray and I told I wasn't going to be able to walk so she suggested a wheelchair, "I can't push you on the stretcher because I have a bad back" so off she went. After she left I realized that would only be worse so Michael went out to find her and they came back with someone who was able to push me on the stretcher.

I will spare you the details of the x-ray other than it was extremely painful and then had to move me because I couldn't move at all by that point. I think the x-ray techs felt bad because they had to put me through so much pain and couldn't believe I hadn't been given anything prior to the x-rays. At one point, the PA came in to ask me if I felt "safe" at home, if I had fallen or had been hit. They thought Michael had hurt me! Of course I denied it and explained that I had had a chiropractic treatment that afternoon and he used a clicking tool that may have caused the bruising. (I bruise very easily)

They got the x-rays they needed and I was returned to my cubicle. They did give some percocet and a shot of something to ease the pain and spasms. Thankfully it is not a disc; it is a pulled muscle. I will be out of work for the next 2 days and follow-up with my MD on Friday. I sincerely doubt I will go back to work on Friday. And yes they did give me prescriptions for some meds which I filled this morning (and my chiropractor confirmed that the bruising was from his little contraption which he did not use on me today!)

So that was my little adventure, one I hope not to repeat anytime soon!


Mari said...

You poor thing! I have never really hurt my back, but have had a few times that it was a little strained. You soon realize that every move you make affects your back.
It's good to know that they are watching for victims of domestic violence, but not nice to be suspected when you know it's not happening!
Praying you are better soon!

Aliceson said...

Ouch! Thank goodness it wasn't a disc or fracture. Still not fun. Hope you feel MUCH better soon!

Tiffany said...

Wow--that sounds awful! I hope you get to feeling better soon. Back pain is so hard to deal with.