Sunday, November 15, 2009

It seems like only yesterday...

....that Tucker was a HUGE Thomas the Tank Engine Fan! For Christmas when he was 3, Santa brought a train table complete with tracks and trains. Here he shows it to my mom

We went to see Thomas three years in a row. this was in 2005 with the Lego Thomas.

But all good things must come to an end...over the past year or so, Tucker has played with the train table less and less as a train table. More often than not, he used it as a table to play on than anything else. Our friend Mark and Kate had a beautiful son named Luke in August and we gave them the table (along with the tracks and trains)for Luke's future use! Here Mark and Luke pose with Tucker

There was some difficulty fitting it in Mark and Kate's vehicle; Michael and Mark had to take it apart to make it fit!

to be honest, it feels a little bittersweet to have the table gone. Not only has it literally been moved all around the family room but getting rid of it means that Tucker is growing up and I can't deny that any longer. But I know Luke will definitely enjoy it when he's old enough to use it!


Mari said...

It's hard to get rid of those things that have such sentimental value, but how wonderful that you blessed someone else with it.

Julie said...

Very generous Tucker!!