Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kids' Picks - October

Yes...I realize I am a day late but I didn't want to miss another month because I do enjoy sharing Tucker's books with all of you! That being said, here's what he enjoyed the most in the past month:

So, You Want to be an Explorer by Judith St George
I picked this up for Columbus Day and it was a lot of fun! It went through all the major explorers, dedicating a page and a small poem to each. The illustrations were wonderful and Tucker enjoyed looking at all the details!

Castaway Cats by Lisa Wheeler
Another wonderful book! It's the story of 15 cats who are washed up on the shore of a deserted island. They spend their time working to get off the island only to come to a surprise conclusion (for them, anyway) at the end! It's a great story of working together. Tucker enjoyed the rhyming text and again, the illustrations and attention to detail were amazing! Because Tucker loves to count everything, he enjoyed counting all the cats to make sure there really were fifteen on every page!

The Day the Stones Walked by T.A. Barron
Ever since Tucker saw Night at the Museum, he has loved the statues from Easter Island. I've been looking for a book about these amazing statues and I finally found a great one! This is the story of the people who built the statues and the myth that the statues come to life when no one is around. A big tsunami hits the island and the statues do come to life, saving the people of the island. Tucker loved the story of the statues being built (he's all about the process of building anything) and really enjoyed finally reading about these amazing statues!

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