Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Children's Classics- Re-reading a Childhood Favorite

I was so excited for this week's theme...just imagining all the books I would read (Judy Blume, Nancy Drew, etc). But alas, it snuck up on me and while I won't read them for this week, I certainly can and will in the future!

So onto the books I did read!
Black Beauty by Anna Sewall
Like most young girls, I loved horses and spent hours playing with my friend Brenda, pretending we owned horses. (we even made 'horses" out of broomsticks with a stuffed-sock face-Brenda's creation, she was always more creative than I was and probably still is!) We also read all the Black Stallion books along with this one. It was a wonderful feeling reading this one again; it took me right back to being 10 years old and those care-free summer days.

Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold
This is still one of my very favorite books! The very simple stories and the wonderful friendship that Frog and Toad share is so heart-warming! I very distinctly remember listening to this on cassette tape in the school library (did I just date myself?! LOL)

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Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I LOVE Frog and Toad too. I am about ready to share them with my son. We have 3 of the books. They are definitely timeless.