Sunday, April 5, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...Sunday, April 5, 2009

Outside my is dark and I can see the moon. It was really nice today but we're supposed to get rain tomorrow.

I am thinking...about how much fun we had at the dinosaur park today!

I am thankful job! I am loving it!

From the kitchen...beef stroganoff, ham steaks, tacos (didn't have them last week). Tucker and I made cupcakes for his birthday and Pillsbury Easter cookies.

I am creating...Tucker and I did some Easter crafts which you will have to wait to see! Does writing out his thank-you notes count?

I am wearing...gray sweatpants and a purple shirt

I am reading...finished both Mademoiselle Boleyn and The Other Queen. I enjoyed both but did find myself a little confused reading both at the same time! I read all of Sounder William H. Armstrong for the Children's Classics Carnival on April 14th(it's only 100 pages or so). I will be starting Marie Antoinette tomorrow I also picked up Guerney Literary and Potato Peel Society on CD to listen to in the car. With Tucker, we continued reading spring picture books and will be reading some Easter books this week.

I am stay awake to see the entire UCONN Women's game

I am hearing...the Women's game on TV, the fish tanks gurgling, the washer and dryer

Around the house...the Easter decorations are's pretty clean because Michael and I attacked it with a vengeance on Sat!

One of my favorite things...vanilla wafers--which is why I usually don't buy them! (can you guess what I bought this week?!)

A few plans for the rest of the week...PTO meeting Tues night...T-ball practice Thurs...Easter Egg Hunt at work on Sat...coloring eggs on Sat...Easter dinner at my m-i-l's on Sunday, along with the now infamous Easter Egg Hunt (my s-i-l and niece are amazing at hiding Easter eggs! Who knew they had such talent?!)

A picture thought...
This is Lisa, Tucker's "High-Five Girl" at our favorite pizza place. We actually called her that for about two years before it occurred to us to ask her what her name is! For the past three years, we've gone there on Tucker's actual birthday and he gets his picture taken with her! (not the Easter Bunny or Santa but Lisa!) Here she's very pregnant and only agreed to the picture 'because I like him so much!" (she's due on May 10th)


Tiffany said...

I am so happy to hear that you are loving your job! What a blessing.
I just finished the Guernsey society book and loved it. Such a sweet story. I think it would be fun to listen to on CD.
Have a great week!
My word verification is "pedicut"--I think that is when they accidentally snip part of your toe while giving you a pedicure.

Julie said...

I'll have to read or listen to that potato peel book.

That is so funny about Tucker and his annual picture with the high five pizza girl!

Cindy said...

I am loving the Guernsey society book! I was actually thinking I'm glad I'm listening to it because I don't think I would get anything done until I finished reading it!
Funny about the word verifcation, Tiffany-I think you're right! !

Jen said...

I love this post! Fabulous that you have a job you love!! Tucker is so adorable!! I too can't buy things I love (Oreos) because they go right to my hips OR someone eats them and I get mad!!!