Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

As I said in the chocolate post, I was too tired last night so I'm posting Easter pictures tonight!

We started the day off with Tucker looking for eggs in our living always goes by too fast and never seem to get pictures! (maybe I'm not awake enough!)

Next he has to find his Easter basket (I usually use a bucket or a sand pail, something he can use again; I'm not really a basket kind of girl!)

Michael made yummy bunny pancakes using a cookie cutter

We picked up my mom on our way to my m-i-l's. She had just returned from the Women's Final Four (GO HUSKIES!) and visiting a friend's daughter and family in TN. She has a sinus infection and was very tired (she got home to her house Sat night at 8 pm) but she was a good sport and came along!

When we got to my m-i-l's, Tucker had to find the Easter eggs the Easter Bunny had left for him there! Thankfully, the Easter Bunny always leaves a list of where he hides them (and they're all plastic so if we missed any, it wouldn't be that big of a deal!)

And then because the Easter Bunny is no dumb bunny, he hid half the eggs inside because it was COLD! Here Tucker opens the eggs to get to the goodies!

A special Easter surprise: Cassandra gave her scooter to Tucker!

He was very happy and posed for some goofy pictures with her!

And then my camera battery died! So no pictures to share of dinner but trust me, we ate and it was GOOD! Thank you Eileen and Doreen!


Mari said...

We always did our egg hunts inside because it was cold too! I also used pails for baskets. Looks like Tucker had fun and you got a good meal - what a deal!

Jona said...

That's indeed an Easter fun! my kids will sure going to love bunny-shaped pancakes too. i got to find cookie ctters like that.
tanks for sharing.