Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Fun Weekend (A Couple Days Late!)

(**Warning--LOTS of pictures**)

We had a busy but fun weekend and I am just know getting around to posting it!

We started out on Saturday with Tucker's first t-ball game of the season. Here they are warming up(before they got their shirts). Tucker was being silly in this one

Running the bases to warm up

I made signs with the kids' names to hang in the dugout-it helps them know where to go and helps me learn their names (had a real issue with Jared and Jarred, also Jared has a twin named Luke). Here's Tucker sitting in front of his name:

Keeping an eye on the ball

It wasn't quite a homerun but it was a good hit!

Tucker on the pitcher mound-the kids don't actually pitch but it makes them feel important to be on the mound!

After t-ball was over, we went to sign up for soccer and then met his friend Andrew (and sister Emily, and their mom Tracy) for a picnic lunch and playing at the playground at one of the schools. Even though Tucker sees Andrew every day now that he's back in daycare, I've missed my time to catch up with Tracy! As usual, the boys had a good time and Emily is now a big girl of 14 months so you know she's all about wanting to play with them! Here they are playing under the playscape; it was really hot and that was the coolest spot they could find! They were scooping up the wood chips like it was dirt into their buckets.

I tried to catch them on the slide but Tucker went down! I thought it was still a cute picture!

I did manage to burn my arms after sitting out in the sun for 2 hours while the boys played. Tucker reminded me to bring the sunscreen to the beach "but I don't burn like you do, Mommy" I told him that I didn't used to burn when I was his age. His response? "You're closer to the sun now so that's why you burn!"

On Sunday we headed to Rocky Neck, a local beach, around 10. It was crowded even then! Tucker never packs lightly to go anywhere so he had a wagon full of trucks and buckets. We had a cooler with water and juice as well as a bag with blankets and a picnic lunch! Oh and a beach umbrella, too!

It didn't take long for him to get started!

Digging a hole (one of many)

He also dug an elaborate sytem of tunnels and bridges and poured water into it "so the water can go back in the ocean"

Gathering water

Building a moat in front of his retaining wall-so the water didn't get into his hole- or as he referred to it: "the angry sea"

Michael even got involved in the digging (notice I didn't; I spent the time reading a book under the umbrella!)

Getting out the machines and putting them to work

We did also walk the length of the beach and Tucker and Michael walked out on the rocks where kids were crabbing (I was too chicken). We ended the day with ice cream and then headed home around 2. Even while we were leaving, people were still lined up to get in!


Mari said...

What a great weekend! Those T-ball games are always fun!

Julie said...

You're closer to the sun now so that's why you burn!"

hahahahaha! SO CUTE!