Sunday, April 5, 2009

Celebrating Tucker's Birthday and Rollerskating

Tucker opened his presents before I left for work Friday morning

He got Torpedo Battleship and a GI Joe Helicopter.

We held off on the official birthday picture until we got home
My friend Joan gave us this hat when Tucker was born and we all get to wear it on our birthday! Tucker didn't want to wear it in front of his friends so we took this picture on his actual birthday with the number candle (we also do that for everyone's birthdays too!)

We went out for pizza at Troy's and then rollerskating! The PTO sponsored a night at our local roller rink and we had a blast! It was like no time had elapsed from when we used to roller skating in the 80s! Even the music was the same! Tucker had never been rollerskating and actually did pretty good! I will say it did take some adjusting to get back into the rhythm of it! Michael actually was really good, which surprised me!

We were supposed to go back on Saturday with the Cub Scouts but he didn't enjoy it that much!

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