Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mommy Moments-Special Days

Since tomorrow is Tucker's 7th birthday, it wouldn't be right to not acknowledge the day he was born as a "special" day!

Flash forward to...graduating from preschool

And graduating from kindergarten (he also got the art award for his class!)

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Beth said...

I remember my son's graduation from preschool! I was so proud and happy because he was the class valedictorian. :)
It's good to know that your son is very good in art, you must be one proud mom, too! :)

Beth said...

I forgot to greet Tucker! Happy Birthday Tucker! May God bless you with all the childhood dreams you have (and I think that mostly include toys haha!)

☆Willa☆ said...

Happy Birthday to your (not-so) little boy1 he is sure so handsome!!!

Jes said...

wow congrats!!! the first pic is really a special moment for us parents =0 nice! here's mine -

Chris said...

happy birthday Tucker!! :)

and yes, these are special days!

thanks for sharing them with us again on mommy moments... i enjoy your posts!

pehpot said...

oh the last photo was really funny, Tucker seems to say, " oh here they are again." LOL

Here's my special day :)

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pehpot said...

ey Tucker, Happy 7th Birthday!

Jona said...

your boy's so handsome:D graduation is really a special day...can't for my son's, uhm 3 yrs from now?

our special days so far