Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Survived!

We (Tucker and I, that is) are completely exhausted! But we can now say that we have again survived my mother's annual pool party for her co-workers. They are QUITE the bunch, I tell you what! There were about 10 ladies from her office with 9 grandchildren. They ate well and the kids were all water-logged by the end of the evening. Could there be any better party?! I don't think so! Tucker and I slept downstairs (my mother has an air mattress that she puts on the living room floor for Tucker; she usually sleeps on the couch). I ended up on the couch and she went up to her bed! I didn't sleep very well, Tucker took over the mattress (mind you, it's queen-size) and of course, one of her cats, Kristy, decided to take up the rest of the bed. She was more than a LITTLE annoying! This morning we went out to breakfast with my mom and her friends before we headed home.

I mentioned that Tucker finished summer school this week. He's glad to FINALLY be on vacation, for real this time! He did get a progress report and he is making some progress in reading and writing but still confuses some letter sounds. We're thinking of having him screened by the school speech therapist. He has trouble with the sounds of words and drops the first syllable of words, i.e, 'puter' instead of 'computer', 'cation' instead of 'vacation'. He also sometimes doesn't hear a word correctly so it comes out wrong when he repeats it.I have a friend, Monica, who is a speech therapist and she's given me the phone number of her friend who is a speech therapist who specializes in reading disorders. I want to hear whart she has to say. I'm not trying to make myself crazy but I do worry that Tucker isn't reading at the level he should be at this point. We read to him a lot, always have. I just want to try to find whatever help for him that he might need.

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