Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day out with Daddy

Michael has been on vacation this week and today was the first day that he and Tucker actually did something fun--the other days have been errands, yard work, etc. Their first stop was Stepping Stones Children's Museum in Norwalk. We had gone there a couple of summers ago and Tucker loved this GREAT remote control train that they had but of course, they have since changed the exhibits! But there is still plenty to do---

Here Tucker races a Lego car against other kids, then creates a bubble around himself (he didn't get to do this last time because it was raining when we were there) and finally relaxes with some gorillas! My favorite part of this museum was all the stuff they had with ping pong balls-it really doesn't take much to amuse me, I guess.

They next headed to The Children's Garbage Museum in Stratford

We had tried to go here a couple of years ago but it was closed the day we tried to go. Ever since, Tucker has been talking about going back. (He has always loved garbage trucks and loves to watch the garbage and recycling trucks collect their stuff!) This museum was right up his alley---he was so excited to tell me all about how they separated the plastic and cardboard and how you could see the workers doing this! I love that he gets so excited about things are fun and educational at the same time! You apparently get to go into all the different areas to actually watch them separate the plastics, the cardboard, etc. Here's a bulldozer straightening out the plastics

After you go through the work area, there is a section designed to teach kids about the process through lots of displays. Tucker was really excited about this dinosaur (which I had read was made of 1 ton of garbage!)

I wasn't even there but just from looking at the pictures, it does give you a whole new perspective on how much garbage we, as humans, create. I try to be good about recycling but this has inspired me to want to do more!

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