Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The New Truck and Art Projects

As I mentioned we did get Michael's new truck last week. What happened is that we had leased his other truck (definitely will not do again, I don't know know how any one out there feels; it just didn't work for us) and the lease was up this month. We were coming up to the 60,000 mile tune-up, it needed new tires and an alignment so Michael did some research and found out we could get something a little smaller, better on gas (did I mention it was costing $80/week for gas) and basically break even for what we owed, meaning our payments continue at about the same amount. So first, this is the "old" truck (a 2005 Frontier)

Now the new truck, it's a 2008 Frontier, king cab (instead of the Extended Cab of the "old" truck). Smaller engine so it doesn't cost as much in gas and probably more the size we should have gotten to begin with

If you look closely, you can see Tucker in the back of the truck and in the middle picture he shows off his favorite part: the sliding window in the back!

We also did some painting on Sunday. Tucker painted using a feather, making the flames for the torch in honor of the Olympics.

Also I put drops of paint on the paint and had him blow it around with a straw. Of course, being Tucker, he soon had TOO much paint (as you can see)! He loves all the colors and especially likes to mix them. It usually takes a while for his projects to dry because there is so much paint on them!

(I tried to experiment with putting the pictures somewhere other then "center" and can't figure out how to move them without re-doing it all! oh well!)

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Julie said...

I love the torch! Very creative! I like the pictures of Tucker in the truck too!