Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baseball Reading All-Stars

Tonight we went to a CT Defenders game (Formally the Norwich Navigators), the minor league, I'm not really sure of the term, for the San Francisco Giants. They sponspored a special night for the reading programs at the libraries. If you read 8 books, you got 2 free tickets to the game and you got to participate in a parade around the edge of the field while the team warmed up! Tucker kept saying he didn't want to go in the parade but once we got there, he did! It was actually pretty cool and he said after that he was glad he went! Here are Tucker and I going down to the field (I'm trying to hold the certificate so you can see it but the wind was blowing!)

As we were leaving the field, all the kids got a high-5 from Cutter, the mascot!

We made it through about half the game which wasn't too bad! Here's Tucker showing off his certificate

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Julie said...

How cool is that?!

Madi and Jake each won a drawing three times in the 6 weeks of one of the local library's reading programs. Madi ended up with $15 in bookstore giftcards and Jake $10 in giftcards and a beach ball...He would've loved to win baseball tickets though!

Jonathan was in a drawing to win an ipod, but he didn't win!