Friday, April 2, 2010

Better Late Than Never...

Since Tucker's actual birthday is tomorrow, I thought I should finally post the pictures from Tucker's birthday party last weekend!

For the second year in a row, we had his party at the local indoor miniature golf place!

This is actually a cupcake-cake! It was so easy to pull apart rather than having to deal with cutting the cake and serving it to the kids!

A group shot! Same kids as last year!!

Tucker is silly posing with William

His friend Maddie (once again the only girl) gave him a new water gun!!

My mom gave him a wooden money box (it has his name on it) and put $40 in $5 bills for our upcoming Disney trip. He did get more money as we went alone so he added it to the box!

After cake and ice cream, they split into two groups and headed out on the course. Here the DJ is throwing tickets out to them!

A dragon that I like

Andrew Freddie, Maddie, and Tucker played a good game together

At the very end, you have to try to shoot your ball in the clown's mouth for a free game!


Mari said...

What a fun time for tucker and his friends.
It's my nephews birthday today too!
Happy Birthday Tucker!

Sandra said...

Now that looks like a fun place to have a birthday party.

Great pics. Happy Birthday to Tucker :)

Julie said...