Monday, April 26, 2010

My Daybook

For today...Monday, April 26, 2010

On My is the tenth anniversary of the death of my Gramma Palmer (my dad's mom). When I think of her, I think of pansies, birds, and lots of yummy baked goods! She always cooked and baked such delicious things and never ate any of it herself. When she retired from nursing at the age of 74, she baked 8 hours a day and when she gave up her license, my dad used to drive her around to deliver the goodies! She was a kind, gentle woman and I miss her so much. I wish she had been able to meet Tucker. It's also the tenth anniversary of the day we made the offer on our house.

Outside My is dark and raining. It's supposed to stop raining tomorrow.

What We're Reading...I finished The White Queen by Philippa Gregory and started The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff and am LOVING it!! Tucker continues to read the third book of the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series and he also read Swing, Batta, Batta about the history of baseball; he was really excited about it!

What We're Listening to...I finished Big Stone Gap and want to read more of the series (I think there's three in all). I'm now listening to The Shack by William P. Young which came highly recommended by my friend Joan and I am halfway through and LOVING it!

What We're Watching...DWTS is on now, still like Chad, Nicole, and Erin...what a week on Survivor!!! I was shocked by Pavarti's (sp?) move! Still not sure who I'm rooting for though...Amazing Race is almost done and Tucker and I are still cheering for the Cowboys! They are unbelievable! Michael likes the glad that Glee is back and LOVED the Madonna episode last week!...we also went to see How To Train Your Dragon yesterday and it was really good! I wasn't sure what it was going to be about but we ended up really liking it!

I am Hoping...that my leg stops itching. I got bit by a spider yesterday and it's all swollen and gross (normal reaction for me) and ITCHY!!!!

Quotable Quote... In honor of my grandmother...What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies. ~ Rudolph Giuliani

In the Kitchen...Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes last night (yum)...tacos, manicotti, pork chops.

Around the House...dishwasher running...clothes need to be folded and more needs to be washed...definitely could use some attention but I did vacuum at least!

Coming Up This Week...a home visit tomorrow team pictures game Fri...helping Tucker finish up the Thank You cards from his birthday.

Some Picture, climbing, and being silly

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Julie said...

Wow 10 years?!?! Time flies!!

I like Nicole, Erin and Evan.