Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Baseball Game of the Season

Today was the first baseball game of the season! It was a beautiful day (and I have the sunburn to show for it!) Tucker is on the Oakdale Fire team, which coincidentally one of the coaches works for.

Today was all about trying a little bit of everything and letting the boys get a feel for the game. The first two innings we just go through the roster once with no outs. The next four innings is played like a "real" game. tucker played third base a few times as well as first, where he did really good. He made a lot of really great plays and got a few runners out!

The coaches take turns pitching to the kids and they all did a great job of hitting the ball-some pretty far! I'm loving the sound the bat makes when it connects with the ball!

After the game, the boys line up and give high-fives to the other team

The boys got a final peptalk and enjoyed snack and juice!

GO OAKDALE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mari said...

Go Tucker! You got some great shots of him in action. You have some fun ahead of you this summer.
PS - I just noticed on your Facebook badge that your maiden name was Tucker. I love that you used that name for Tucker!