Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Daybook

For today...Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On My Mind...still really tired and going to bed after I finish this!

Outside My window...there is water EVERYWHERE!!! Thankfully we are not flooded and we didn't need to evacuate like another part of town but there is still more water than anyone could want! The water going down the road in front of our mailbox is about 1 foot wide and 2 inches deep on the road and has completely washed away the ground by the edge of the road---we're talking about 6 inches inches deep! They're saying the sun is coming out tomorrow (or at the very least, it's supposed to stop raining!)

What We're Reading...I finished Standing Tall by C. Vivian Stringer and have started The White Queen by Philippa Gregory (for The Tudor Book Challenge). With Tucker, we're reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (he got it for his birthday) and really enjoying it! We're going to read some Easter books later in the week. His favorite book this week was Lewis & Clark: Explorers of the American West by Steven Kroll.

What We're Listening to...I finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett and just cannot say enough good things about it! I'm now listening to Jane Eyre (for the Take Another Chance Challenge) and actually really liking it!

What We're Watching...for some reason, I skipped this one last week! I am so watching DWTS and was totally shocked by tonight's results (no spoilers here! LOL); I like Nicole and Chad...definitely done with American Idol...on Amazing Race, I like the cowboys and Steve and Allie...on Survivor, thinking I'm going with Boston Rob-surprised that the Villains are doing so good! And can't believe Tyson got voted out last week!...we're also still watching Extreme Home Makeover and of course, the UCOnn women as they make their to the Final Four!

I am hoping...I make it to work tomorrow! I just barely made it home with all the road closures (and actually went around some orange barrels and went the wrong way just to get to our road!)

In the Kitchen...chicken brushetta tonight, beef stroganoff, ham steaks, not sure???

Around the house...had to get the Wet Vac out to clean up the rug down in the family room because it was SOAKED!!!...dishwasher's running...clothes need to be folded.

Coming Up This Week...need to get the pictures from Tucker's birthday party posted...soccer practice Thurs ...home visit Thurs...Tucker turns 8 on Sat...coloring eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide...Easter egg hunt at work and soccer game Sat, also taking Tucker out for pizza Sat night...celebrating Easter with an egg hunt and dinner at my mother-in-law's on Sun.

A Picture Thought...Tucker just cannot resist a good mud puddle! As soon as he came home yesterday and saw his construction site full of water, he immediately put his boots on and got out there! The water was up over his ankles and he loved every minute of it!

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Lauren said...

I also enjoyed The Help. I hope you get some sunshine and no further rain damage!