Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I wanted to share this with you!

Tucker was telling me that they're going to be using Color Cards* in his classroom because kids haven't been behaving and went on to say "mine won't ever be changed".

Then he asked me "did you ever have your color card changed when you were in school?" I explained that we didn't use color cards when I was in school.

He nodded and said "that's right, you didn't have colors when you were in school!"

*For those who may not be familiar, Color Cards are a type of discipline system, if someone misbehaves, their color is changed, with a consequence (I believe it goes green, yellow, orange, red. I can't remember what the first two are but I think the last two are calling your parents and going to the principal, respectively.) They use this system in kindergarten and 1st grade and it seems to have some success.


Mari said...

Wow - you are really old to have no colors when you were young!
He is so cute!

Tiffany said...

Wow--he must think you are ancient. Poor you, having to grow up in a black and white world!
What a cute kid!!

Julie said...

I was just telling my mother recently how I picture her childhood (growing up on West Park St) in black and white. It's kind of a combination of stories I've heard and Leave it to Beaver/ Father Knows Best!