Monday, September 24, 2012

Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

-I missed doing a Daybook this week because it was a busy week so I thought I'd take a few minutes now to get down some thoughts.
-It seems strange but I have 5 kids here now, including Tucker, because his friend William and the three neighbor kids are here.  I'd go upstairs and carry on but I was down here when they came and Nava (the little girl) keeps coming over and talking to me and asking me questions.  The boys can fend for them selves I know.
-I had to laugh when I called William's mom this morning to ask if William could come over.  You may remember William....he and Tucker were inseperable from K- 2nd grade and then drifted as friends sometimes do.  Well they are in the same class this year and when Tucker told me,  I said to Michael I wonder how long it will take before William will be over again.  Turns out it was 3 weeks.  And he just asked if can come over next weekend "I like coming over here, Mrs. Doyle".  So nice to hear!  :)
-We had the annual carnival at Tucker's school yesterday and it was the perfect Fall day for it!  Somehow I ended up doing the Spin Art Booth  and getting splattered with paint! But it was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast!
-Survivor started this week and Blair from the Facts of Life is on it and they are so mean to her already because she is "older".  The ones who are being mean to her are so young they don;t even recognize her as a TV star.  There's one guy who does recognize her and he's nice to her but stuck in the middle.
-Can't wait for Dancing with the stars and Amazing Race to start!  Though I'm not looking forward to Bristol and Pamela dancing around again!  I've started watching The Voice and Glee also.
-I'm still making my way through Gone With the Wind; not really doing a lot of reading mostly because I'm working on Christmas presents and that takes up a a lot of my time.  I'm only about halfway through it. 
-I guess that's about it for now.


Julie said...

I've never watched Survivor (though I 've listened to them a lot -haha!), but I wanted to see Blair on there and forgot about it. I've only watched 1/2 of DWTS from last night so far, but it is going to be a really good season. I can't stand Pamela, she disgusts me!! I like everyone else, but won't cry when Kelly, Bristol, or Kirstie leave. I LOVE everyone else!!!

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