Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Friday Night (from my mom's house)

-I mentioned in my Daybook that my Mom had her surgery today on her foot; she did very well.  She is in a tremendous amount of pain though so she just she just took two pain pills so she could go off to sleepyland and get a brek from the pain.
-It was only 7 pm when she took the pills so i came up here on the computer and thought I would do a random thought post seeing as how I don;t usually get too much time to myself!
-I may not be far behind her sleeping-wise; we had to be at the hospital for 5:45 this morning so we got up at 4:30 and left at 5:10.  Needless to say, it's been a long day for both of us!
-We had Tucker's Open House at his school this week and they ran it a little differently but it was better, I think.  The kids brought you to the classroom and you met the teacher and you could look around for about 20 minutes and then the kids went to the cafeteria for about 20 minutes while the teacher talked about the what the kids were going to do this year, what to expect, etc.  I found it very helpful, particularly with him getting ready to go to Middle School next year.  His teacher is new to our school and I really like her a lot as does Tucker.
-we just found out Tucker's best friend Gavin is moving to Raliegh, NC next summer.  His dad accepted a new job and will actually be moving next month.  Gavin will be finishing the school year along with his older brother Josh and then joining his dad.  Tucker's already worried about him leaving but we're talking about looking into Skype for them, I think.
-I'm going to try to copy Jul and Tiffany with their Every Hour posts probably Sunday.  I can't do it during the week because of my job but it does look like fun; though I could do it without pictures.  I was thinking today's could look like this (without pictures):
4:30-wake up
5:30-driving to hospital for mom's surgery
6:30-mom in pre-op for surgery
7:30-ortho running late
8:30-ortho finally here; mom goes into surgery
9:30-reading gone With the Wind in waiting Room
10:30-same as above
11:30-mom out of surgery, in recovery, waiting to go back, making phone calls to update everyone
12:30-in with mom, she's napping
1:30-in with mom, going to get car
2:30-home with mom
3:30-at pharmacy waiting for prescription
4:30-at vet picking up cat
5:30-picking up chinese food for dinner
6:30-adjusting pillows/ice
7:30-on computer

Not too bad for a day's "work", huh?!?!? lol

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