Sunday, September 16, 2012

Every hour-Sunday

I am copying Jul and Tiffany so here is my version of "every hour" (this time with pictures)
For some reason, I can't write in between the pictures so I'll describe them first!

7:30am  The day always begins with the feeding of Shrek and Fiona
8:30am  Pancakes for breakfast (these were the rejects!)
9:30am  Warming up for the 10am soccer game (Tucker is #21)
10:30am  Still at soccer; Tucker's in the middle on the bench
11:30am   Done with soccer, getting gas
12:30am  Grocery shopping
1:30pm    Trying to finish the Monopoly City game we started yesterday (notice I said "trying")
2:30pm   Folding laundry
3:30pm   cross-stitching (can't show the front because it's a gift for someone who may still read this)
4:30pm   still cross-stitiching
5:30pm   time to make dinner-pork chops it is!
6:30pm   how would you like to eat dinner with this face looking at you every night?!
7:30pm   watching Breaking Amish on TLC

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Julie said...

Love this! MMM now I want some swiss miss pudding!!