Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catching Up...

Since we were without the computer for so long, and life doesn't stop just because you don't have a computer (no but it sure feels like it!!)...I thought I'd catch you up what we were up to before the big Disney trip! It will also give me time to figure out how to organize the pictures in a way that might make sense since we took advantage of the "hopper" part of our ticket and hopped between parks!

We celebrated Michael's 42nd birthday way back in the beginning of August! (My mom was planning a trip and we wanted to clebearte it before she went! We enjoyed the pool and of course, all the food!

His real birthday was August 23rd and I got an Oreo ice cream cake for him. We got him a new Yankees magnet for his truck.

School started early for Tucker this year, on August 30! It's hard to believe he is in 3rd grade!
We took our usual pictures on the front steps...

Posing with his good friend Andrew, who's now in 1st grade! This was as serious as we could get them to be!!!
Tucker has been good friends with Maddie and Freddie since kindergarten. They got split up in 1st grade, were all in the same class last year, and are now separated again! We took them to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate the first day of 3rd grade!

Tucker also started soccer at the beginning of September. He's on the U10 travel team, he had to try out for it in June. We travel and play other towns. It's been a lot of fun and he's really learning a lot! He is one of the newest members of the team so he spends a lot of time sitting on the bench, something he is not very accustomed to but like I said he is learning a lot and having a great time!

He does get on the field, usually playing defense, to relieve the other players and he works really hard! I think the Coach sees that and he's been been getting more playing time lately! (He's on the far left in this picture)

We also had Open house at Tucker's school. Here he poses with some of his artwork in the hall...
And here he is posing at his desk!
Whew!!! It was a really busy few weeks leading up to our Disney vacation!