Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For today...Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On My Mind...can't believe January is over!!how did that happen?!...our administrator was "let go" on Friday and his replacement started yesterday. I'm not good with changes and Jack was both an amazing person and boss. He had been with the facility for over 10 years , which is fairly long for an administrator.

Outside My Window... it may sound crazy but I wasn't wearing a coat today when I got out of work! It 's been almost 60 degrees-crazy!

What We're Reading...I have about a hundred more pages to go in Breaking Dawn...we'll finish up Extra Credit this week and then he'll read The Homework Machine next.

What We're Listening to... finished Emma and now listening to Beloved . When I checked it out the librarian told me it was one of her favorites by Morrison but also very disturbing. I have to say I agree with that, especially listening to it.

What We're Watching...watching American Idol, Glee, Two and a Half Men re-runs...looking forward to Survivor and Amazing Race starting again...Tucker has been enjoying House Hunters on HGTV and we were excited to catch an Extreme Couponing marathon on Sunday...and of course, UCONN women basketball games.

I am Hoping...to sleep better tonight.

Around the House...not bad at all...laundry does need to be done.

Coming Up This Week...Family Movie Night at Tucker's school on Friday night...Tucker and I are going to a UCONN women's game Sat night.

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