Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I learned this week

Julie from From Inmates to Playdates sponsors this weekly event so we can tell everyone what we've learned this week-whether it be one thing or many, serious or not-so-serious.

This is my first time participating though I have been meaning to because I am always learning something!

My list this weeks is inspired by having survived a week with no power after Tropical Storm Irene reeked havoc in our area over a week ago!

In no particular order:

~ When you take a shower at the high school on the way to work, you should make sure there is a lip on the shower stall before you put your clothes, etc. on the floor or everything will be soaked and you will have to drive home in wet clothes to change, making you late for work.

~ The same goes for putting a book on the floor with said clothes. thankfully it was one of our own and not a library book!

~ I can re-thread the wick on a hurricane lamp with the light from a flashlight.

~ As much as I like to think I am a "go-with the-flow" kind of person, I am NOT!

~ It is much easier to manage without electricity than water.

~ The longest I can stand to go without washing my hair is 2 days.

~ I need to re-think my idea of camping while traveling unless it involves a camper or RV.

~ My husband is a lot more resilient than I am.

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