Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene

We recently survived Tropical Storm Irene, downgraded from a hurricane! Our part of the state got mostly wind while the northern section got mostly rain. We lost our power Saturday the 27th into Sunday the 28th. We did not have power until Sunday the 4th at 4pm. We spent a lot of time playing Rummy (Tucker is now quite the cards shark) and reading and were in bed by dark (8 pm), usually listening to a Yankees game.

We mostly had a lot of downed branches...

Tucker couldn't wait to get out and take this branch down. He struggled and struggled with it until we realized it was actually driven into the ground 6 inches! Crazy!
This would be why we were without power for so long! About a mile down the street , this tree took down a transformer! It ended up leaking PCP and that meant the DEP had to get involved and come test everything and scrub the road!

For more of what I learned during this week, go here.

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Mari said...

Wow - what a mess! Glad no one was injured and the damage wasn't any worse.