Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally!! Christmas Pictures!

I am finally getting to the Christmas pictures! Starting with Chritsmas Eve, Tucker made his annual HUGE sugar cookie for Santa

Tucker made these Christmas cards for me and Michael! they were folded many times into this triangle and taped really well!! (He made them while at my mom's one weekend!)
On christmas eve, we open presents from Tucker-he got me oven mitts and a matching apron
Michael got a new hooded sweatshirt!

And Tucker got the Lego plane he wanted from us!

Posing with Santa's cookies and milk...

Opening presents

Tucker made this ornament at school....

This box has every baseball player from 2010
You can't see it too well but Michael made me this picture frame...on the left are pictures of Shrek and Fiona and it says enjoy. on the right are pictures of Felix and Roscoe and it says Remember. I teared up when I opened it!

My camera didn't cooperate long for the next set of mom and Eileen and their traditional toast...

My mom got Tucker some Obama itmes

Eileen got him a Derek Jeter figure

A new nutcracker from my mom!


Mari said...

I see lots of smiles! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves!

Tiffany said...

Fun pictures, looks like you guys had a great Christmas! When I was reading about your picture frame I thought there were pictures of the real Shrek and Fiona and couldn't get why you would "enjoy" them...thought it was some inside thing but then looked closely and realized they were your cats. How thoughtful of your hubby.

Julie said...

AWWW, the cat picture frame brought tears to my eyes, how thoughtful!

I'm really supposed to be "talking up" how great it is for a little boy to have a dog for a pet (and it is), but don't tell Michael I told you! Well, I mean you can tell him I said a dog is great, you just can't tell him I told you he told me to tell you that!