Monday, January 24, 2011


For today... Monday, January 24, 2011

On My Mind...feeling a lot better than I expected to...the doctor had told me it would be an easier recovery than the laproscopic exploratory I had in 2006 and I have to say he was right!

Outside My Window...30 inches of snow with more on the way!!! Very cold, like close to zero!!!

What We're Reading...I have been very busy reading because I couldn't do much last week and finished three books! I finsihed Small Island by Andrea Levy, The Pit and the Pendulum and Other Tales by Edgar Allan Poe, and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton...I'm now reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Steig Larsson. I had enjoyed the second book so much and put this final one on hold and didn't expect it to available so soon!...with Tucker, we finished Alien Expedition for the Science Fiction Choice for his Reading Challenge and will starting From the Mixed-up files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler for his Newberry Award Winning book. this is one of my very favorite books so I'm really excited toread it with him! We're also planning on returning to NYC this summer and I'd like to bring him to the Met and this could get him interested!

What We're Listening audio books until I go back to work next month...Tucker is usually singing "Summer of '69" which he has learned from Lego Rock Band.

What We're Watching...trying to give American Idol a chance...we're enjoying American Pickers, Pawn Shop, pretty much anything on History channel lately...can't forget Nick, also!...with me home during the day, I've been watching Dr.Phil, Rachael Ray, the View, a local talk show called Better Connecticut, and Ellen. Still strangely fascinated by Teen Mom 2...also tyring to understand how an 8 yo boy can chose to watch the history of mustard and ketchup for an hour on History (it was actually pretty interesting) could then watch SpongeBob with the same enthusiasm!

I am hoping...Spring comes soon!

In the kitchen...Chicken Pot Pie last night, tacos, pork chops, roast.

Around the house...dishwasher just finished...laundry to be folded (as long as Michael brings the clothes upstairs and dumps them on the bed, I can fold them)...another load to go in dryer.

Coming Up This Week...getting together for lunch with my friend Joan if we can find a day that won't be snowing, Tucker's soccer team came in first place in the standings so they play in the single-elimination championship game Friday night.

A Picture Thought...Our kittens are getting so big; I really need to take some updated pictures! Every morning they sit together to watch the birds next door--I just had to take a picture!

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Tiffany said...

Tucker is most definitely a well rounded kid!