Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Daybook

On My Mind...I have had an assortment of female issues over the years, particularly since Tucker was born. Every year at my annual appointment there is is always something that requires some kind of surgical intervention. After discussing my continued symptoms, my doctor at first talked about putting me on Lupron which has the consequence of putting me through early menopause. Once he examined me, however, he changed his mind and believes my pain issues are actually related to interstitial cystitis, which is an inflammation of the lining of the bladder. so I will have some testing next month and there's medication that can help it. It will just be relief to have it finally figured out.

Outside My window...it is dark and raining.

What We're Reading...I'm about halfway through The Queen's Fool; just didn't have a lot of time to read this week. With Tucker, we read the California Gold Rush book a few more times (it's like the Choose-Your-Adventure books and he had a good time with it!). We also read our Connecticut books (the postcards went out today) and will be reading Florida books (the FL family sent them early so I wasn't prepared and had to go to the library!).

What We're Listening To...I finished Where the River Ends and am almost done with The Last Time I saw You by Elizabeth Berg.

What We're Watching...all the shows are ending! Happy with the final three for DWTS, except they are the three I like! I'm thinking Nicole may win it but I've been wrong before!...pleased with the ending of Survivor because Russell didn't win...still watching a lot of iCarly, Victorious...Glee is another favorite...and of course, Yankee games.

In the Kitchen...spaghetti tonight, BLTs, not sure what else.

Around the House...as usual, laundry waiting to be folded and more to be washed...dishwasher is running.

Coming Up This Week...baseball games tomorrow and Friday nights...Felix to the Vet on Thurs...beach on Sat (it's supposed to be nice and it's free admission to the state parks; Tucker will play in the sand and I'll read).

So many pictures to load...I'm going to skip the "picture thought" aspect of this tonight!


Julie said...

I hope youre female issues get worked out!

I like all three also, but think Nicole is the best.

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet u........................................