Monday, May 10, 2010

My Daybook

On My Mind...I really haven't stuck to posting more often! I even skipped this last week! It's pretty crazy with baseball glames and life in general!

Outside My's dark, of course. It's cooling down lately after some really warm weather.

What We're Reading...we've been busy!! I finished The 19th Wife and also Big Cherry Holler (the second book in the Big Stone Gap books). I'm now reading The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory for The Tudor Reading Challenge. With Tucker, we finished Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw and we're reading about the states as the postcards come in! So far we've received Arkansas (we read about Honey Bees (the state insect) and a book set in the Ozarks) and California (we read an interactive history book on the Gold Rush). We also read a book about Cinco de Mayo and The Runaway Tortilla, which is a variation of the gingerbread man story (Tucker seems to like these).

what We're Listening to...I finished The Shack and also City of Ember and am now listening to Where the River Ends.

What We're Watching...disappointed by the ending of The Amazing Race...of course, watching DWTS still (actually while I write this) and still like Erin, Chad, and Nicole...still not sure who I like on Survivor...watched CSI last week for the first time in a long time and had forgotten how much I enjoy it!

Quotable Quote...The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow ~ anonymous (I actually found this on a plaque and have it on my helps to keep things in perspective, somewhat!

In the Kitchen...leftover lasagna (my mom made us an extra pan, along with what she made for Mother's Day yesterday)...stuffed crust pizza (I actually have a really easy recipe for this and had forgotten how yummy it was!)...that may be it for the week-it's crazy with baseball games!

Around the House...Laundry waiting to be folded and more to be washed...pretty clean, actually.

Coming Up This Week...PTO meeting games Wed and Fri nights...home visit Thurs night...Tucker has a birthday party to go to Sunday...getting the postcards ready to go out next week for the Great American Postcard Swap.

Some Picture Thoughts

Tucker had a blast in the mud on Saturday (in between the rain and thunder and lightning!) First he discovered the puddle and got all dirty and wet. Then he came in, changed his clothes, added the winter boots and went out for more. Before I knew it, he came in barefoot because his boots were stuck!