Monday, November 3, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...Monday, November 3, 2008

Outside my window...the sun has come up and it COLD, just below freezing! Welcome, November! (not really!)

I am usual, that it is cold down here! (Thankfully not as cold as outside though!) Also that I need to find a job soon!

I am thankful for...again, have to go with Tucker's endless imagination and curiosity

From the kitchen...yesterday I made a YUMMY Cheesy Meatball Soup in the crock pot that Michael was initially a little leery of but after three bowls, said "that was really good!" Will definitely make that again! Tonight we will probably have pizza since we skipped pizza night on Friday because of Halloween.

I am creating...I managed to scrapbook July 2007 (yes you read that right!) while at my my mom's last Tuesday. We need to book some more scrapbook days. Tucker and I made some small Jack-0'lanterns for my mom, m-i-l-, s-i-l, and niece. (I will post pictures in Trick or Treat, Part Two hopefully later today).

I am nightgown (I woke up early and came down to catch up on some stuff while everyone sleeps)

I am reading...I finished The Summer I Dared (awesome book, by the way!) and just started Shem Creek by Dorothea Benton Frank. (I did get Anne and her House of Dreams out of the library but cannot find it! I need to search the car again!) With Tucker, we read books about motorcylces (non-fiction), the Navy (it was Navy Day the 27th), the Statue of Liberty
(it was her day on the 28th), and various fun books on Halloween to get us in the mood! He has also made amazing improvement with reading--he's doing so much better sounding out words and there are fewer meltdowns! This is good for all of us!

I am hearing...Michael making pancakes (smells yummy) and Tucker running back and forth! Also, the dryer and fish tanks.

Around the house...dishes need to be done (still haven't fixed the dishwasher so now I am the dish washer!)...laundry in the dryer...clothes need to be put in the washer...need to organize the recycling/papers for tomorrow pick-up...Halloween decorations down and what-little Thanksgiving decorations we have, are up. (Did you ever notice that it's hard to find Thanksgiving decorations, with the Christmas stuff already up since August?!)

One of my favorite things...watching my "Golden Girls" DVD (Which I got to do Saturday night while Tucker was at his friend William's)

A few plans for the rest of the week...a character education meeting at school this afternoon... home visits Tues and Thurs...senior center Thurs soccer practice because of the time change, 2 make-up games on party for Tucker's soccer team on Thurs instead of practice...working on Christmas presents (it will be here before we know it!)

A picture thought...

I saw on someone's blog this week (sorry, can't remember who!) memories of past Halloweens. This is a picture of Tucker from Halloween 2003, he was 18 mos. old! So adorable if I do say so myself!


Julie said...

I saw your comment on Tiffany's blog about pumpkin cookies. I love how the internet and blogging made my world smaller. Obviously it makes eveyone's world bigger, but I like how it connects my old friends with my newer friends and other old friends. I saw your comment on Bonnie's blog too. I love knowing what you guys are doing all the time... it's almost like you live here, oh except that you are freezing and we aren't.

cindy said...

Yeah ha, ha. It's fun to check on what you are up to and I love all your friends' blogs! (Maybe I'll get to meet them someday!)